The Witches Cauldron

A heavy hand fell upon Evin’s shoulder as the light from the street lamps was shut out by the closing of the door behind him. He looked round at the bulk of William who glowered at him for a moment before nodding his head towards the reception desk, a subtle hint, at least for William, that Evin should report to Angus at the desk.
Evin knew better than to mess around with these two, they were not employed on the door of The Witches Cauldron just for the charming customer service and interpersonal skills.
Angus looked up from the monitor in the reception desk where he had been monitoring the progress of the “young” woman with the auburn hair.
“Evin! I see Lachlan has seen fit to let you out again. Maggie sends her best and says if you try hustling any more of our clientele she will have you balls removed! I believe the use of a cold steel and mash hammer was suggested.”
Evin glanced round to see William with an evil smile on his face, “Let me guess where that idea came from.” he muttered, turning back to Angus he put on his most charming smile “But of course I wouldn’t dream of darkening Mistress Maggie’s doorstep with such trickery, but you see it was the …”
Angus’s hand slapped down on the woodwork of the desk cutting Evin off mid flow “don’t be coming out with your excuses to me sunshine, you wouldn’t have made it through the door if it had been up to me, but Maggie obviously has a soft spot for you.”
Evin took his cue and headed for the cloakroom before heading up the stairs, it really hadn’t been his fault, Lachlan’s new boy had wandered off his patch and onto Evin’s looking for bigger fish to fleece unfortunately he had chosen the Cauldron. Evin had tried to intervene when he had spotted him in the club, but Maggie had already caught whiff of what was going on and her team had swept the two of them up together.
Lachlan and Maggie had an “understanding”, Lachlan did not run his ‘schemes’ in the Cauldron and Maggie allowed Evin entry to entertain their clientele in an environment conducive to the magical sect.
Stepping into the members bar he did a quick scan of the room, he noted some of the ‘usual suspects’ dotted amongst the tables of revellers, the Moody brothers had obviously charmed a pair of tourists and were, from the ladies laughter, being quite entertaining or maybe it was the bottle of Bacardi and bucket of mixers on the table that was working the charm. Through the double doors to the balcony Evin could see the back of Michael watching the gathering crowd on the dancefloor below, the thump of the music increasing as the door was opened and the tall lithe figure of Silk stepping out to join Michael, she glanced in Evin’s direction as the door closed, her eyes narrowing, sending a shiver down his back, Williams offer of a cold steel and mash hammer would be preferable to what she would do to his balls if she had the chance.
But here in the Cauldron was neutral ground for that sort of thing, Maggie made sure of it, she had no compunction about dealing with anyone who ‘stepped across the line’.
Now his eyes settled on a new figure who had just reached the bar, her light top barely concealed the curve of her body and the curve of the knife at her back.
If she had managed to get that far in the club with such a weapon then there had to be something special about her, all the more reason to introduce himself.
He sauntered towards the bar, taking a glance to the back of the room and the left-hand booth of the 3 VIP booths, but the curtains were closed, maybe Maggie was not in tonight or she was in ‘discussions’ with someone.
As he slipped onto a stool next to the auburn haired figure the barman gave him a nod of recognition, but waited for the woman to make her order.