Tram Shorts 2

Love always seemed to pass him going the other way!

If he was just getting out of a relationship then his perfect girl would be “I’ve just met someone”, if he was diving headlong into yet another disastrous relationship then it would be him using those very words.

Iain sighed as the tram rumbled its way through the West End heading onto Princess Street.

He had walked up to the West End stop from The Mad Hatter’s pub, yet another site to put on his map of “places to be Stood Up”. The damp had made the decision to take the tram for him, no point in being anymore miserable.

Swaying slightly as it rounded the corner of Shandwick Place, the bars on either side of the street bright and welcoming, filled with, what seemed to Iain to be, happy couples laughing and chatting, getting to know each other. Not breaking up, not receiving text messages explaining how “things just wouldn’t work out” and definitely no sad blokes standing outside waiting for something that would never come.

The lad in the doorway shuffled slightly holding his bike against the motion of the tram as it slowed for the next stop, someone else for whom the wet streets had made a decision.

The doors slid open letting the light from the tram spill out onto the Princess Street stop and letting the cold air spill into the cabin.

With his back to the window Iain twisted slightly in his seat to look at the stop, his eyes fell upon a happy couple sitting on the bench, sharing a kiss. He started to turn away, but his eyes caught the outline of a woman standing at the corner of the shelter, he studied her for a moment.

She was almost studiously staring away from the happy couple, her hair tied high and tight in a bun, bag hanging from her shoulder and thick coat wrapped around her, she appeared to be making every effort to ignore the bubble of happiness emitted by the couple on the bench.

The door alarm sounded as the tram prepared to move off, taking it’s passengers on the next leg of their journey and their final stop.

The woman’s head turned, but not to look at the couple or the departing tram, she stared down at her boots, deep in contemplation, thought Iain.

Someone else going “the other way” he sighed.

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