Tram Shorts 1

Margo’s foot tapped restlessly as she hugged her long coat around herself to keep out the damp Edinburgh night.

“Where was that damned Tram?”

Standing at the corner of the tram stop she stared studiously up the length of Princess Street towards Calton Hill waiting for the lights of the tram to appear as it turned the corner out of St Andrews Square.

“Come on, come on, come on” she muttered to herself.

The woman on the benches behind her giggled as her swain whispered sweet nothings in her ear, Margo shuddered irrationally at the sound, willing the tram to appear by the power of thought alone.

The high pitched pips from the tram that had pulled into the other side of the platform only moments before punctuated the moment, as it closed it’s doors, the background hum increased as it pulled off heading in the direction that Margo wished her tram would appear from.

The departing trams red tail lights receded down the track, heading into the cold wind that blew through theĀ  stop, causing Margo to scrunch down into the warmth of her coat and look down at her boots, the leather darkened by the rain that had been soaking the city all day.

How she longed to get into the warmth of her flat and kick off her sodden boots.

A shuffle of shoes on the pavement brought her head up, the lovers had stood up and were moving to the edge of the platform.

Margo’s head flicked round to look back down the street to where a long snaking set of lights curved onto Princess Street, passing the red lights of the tram that had just left the stop, and started their steady progress towards her.

Moving her feet a bit she straightened up, shaking off the damp that had gathered in what had felt like an interminable wait, she could now hear the trams hum as it approached, figures were visible, standing up getting ready to disembark after the short journey from St Andrews Square.

The tram slid into the stop, its doors opening and spilling both light and customers onto the wet concrete before allowing Margo and the lovers into it’s warm embrace.

In a matter of moments the doors shut with their customary pips and the tram moved off, disappearing into the night.

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