So this is Christmas

After the activity of the past few months things have slowed down for the Scribe and he is having trouble setting his mind to putting pen to paper.
After a bit of a false start on the ‘Witches Cauldron’ project, he wants to develop his latest character “Erin” a con-artist and front for an underworld syndicate run by the head honcho Lachlan in Edinburgh. He uses the “Witches Cauldron” as an ‘entertainment’ venue for “clients” of the syndicate with the understanding that he and the syndicate do not carry out any nefarious activities on the premises.
However the understanding has not stopped another member of the syndicate trying to grab ‘a bit of the action’ inside ‘the cauldron’ unfortunately this has landed both Erin and the potential usurper in hot water with Maggie, the manager of the club and her two “bouncers” William and Angus.

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