What could have been in Rome:

She waited for him to emerge from the bar toilets, it had been a fun night and ‘The Public House’ had been kicking, everyone getting into the swing of things. She had been working behind the bar, mixing cocktails and pouring beers trying to keep up with the customers requests until she caught a glimpse of his smile at the end of the bar.

He had been talking to his friend and they were obviously sharing a joke as he turned to catch her eye, unlike the other customers he was not waving or calling to get her attention, he just gave a smile and a friendly nod when he knew she had seen him.

It had taken her a few minutes to finish off the rounds that she had been preparing before she could get down to his end of the bar, dodging one or two customers who should have really come first.

“Hey” he greeted as if he was surprised to see her so soon, “you are quick” his bright blue eyes shone in the light of the bar, almost drowning her in their intensity. For the rest of the evening he had been the perfect gent, a breath of fresh air compared with some of the other customers.

He and his friend had engaged with the staff and some of the clientele, making light of silly things, the smiling and laughing were infectious spreading to all those around them, making the time fly.

She almost felt a thrill when she would turn around and catch him glancing her way, not in a weird possessive way, but because he had been looking her way.

The arms of the clock had now crept towards 2 o’clock in the morning most of the customers had left for home or the nearest night club. She had done her glass collecting rounds making sure to brush past him and catch a whiff of his aftershave, a woody scent mixed with a lighter fruitier note, masculine but fun at the same time.

But now she wanted to take him in her arms. Show him that his respect had not been missed and those pleasing glances had been appreciated.

She wanted to look into those blue eyes and kiss those lips that had smiled her way whenever he had caught her glance.

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