Inspiration peeked over the Scribes shoulder, it had been sat there for some time, playing tricks and teasing the Scribes mind. On the bar lay the Scribes “Little Red Book”, smaller than his “Little Blue Book” but still full of the moments that his mind had fallen upon like a pack of hungry dogs. But […]

Return to Rome

The last time he had seen her had been almost a year ago, she had been leaning against the beer pumps at the bar of “The Public House” in a back street of Rome. She had been watching him as he stepped out of the door and into the dark of a November night in […]

Tempus Fugit

Leaning back in his office chair the scribe span round to scan his year planner that adorned the wall behind his desk. Various coloured boxes filled in the spaces between the weekends, different city and country names written across them, each one bringing back memories of new experiences and new friends. His eyes hovered at […]

Tram Shorts 2

Love always seemed to pass him going the other way!…… #Romance #tram — NaughtyScribe (@ScotsScribe) February 20, 2018 Love always seemed to pass him going the other way! If he was just getting out of a relationship then his perfect girl would be “I’ve just met someone”, if he was diving headlong into yet […]

Tram Shorts 1

Margo's foot tapped restlessly as she hugged her long coat around herself to keep out the damp Edinburgh night…. — NaughtyScribe (@ScotsScribe) February 18, 2018 Margo’s foot tapped restlessly as she hugged her long coat around herself to keep out the damp Edinburgh night. “Where was that damned Tram?” Standing at the corner […]

End of Year

Sitting at his desk in his chamber The Scribe watched the sway of the candle flame, his eyes had settled on the light in its sconce some time ago as he mused over the happenings of the last year. There had been quite a few changes, some big, some small and some still to come […]

So this is Christmas

After the activity of the past few months things have slowed down for the Scribe and he is having trouble setting his mind to putting pen to paper. After a bit of a false start on the ‘Witches Cauldron’ project, he wants to develop his latest character “Erin” a con-artist and front for an underworld […]

What could have been in Rome:

She waited for him to emerge from the bar toilets, it had been a fun night and ‘The Public House’ had been kicking, everyone getting into the swing of things. She had been working behind the bar, mixing cocktails and pouring beers trying to keep up with the customers requests until she caught a glimpse […]

When in Rome

‘Rome is full of tourists’ thought the Scribe as he emerged from the Metro, and to all appearances he was right, crowds bustled around the Piazza dodging cars, scooters and locals alike. He followed the flow towards the Fontana di Trevi, doing the “tourist bit” just for a short while. Using his height, he caught […]